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Related article: Raped by monsters Ch 1 n of pcyzobitch © I woke up and found myself in a dark room. I could hear a faint hum. But I was sure was coming. My head ached as if he had been beaten with something hard. I tried to move, only to find himself, I was captivated by an ankle on the floor. In addition to the pads, I woke up. I had 3 feet of chain slack. I also realized I had no clothes. I wore jeans u0026 a shirt. The last thing you knew or could remember. I was in my foot near the edge overlooking the marsh. A door opened, more to the film on the wall. Leaving a bright light flooded the room. That blinded me for a moment. But, then I felt the bag bite, like a needle in the left leg. Another darkness over me included. wake up again only to find myself wrapped in a cold metal table. A tube protruding from my right arm. With liquids flow into me. His head was blurred, as if drugged or just plain stupid. I saw movement. As a character moveslight around the table. It was neither male nor female. It was large, thin, black, with big eyes and protruding. His long fingers moved my hair around my neck, and stuck a long needle into my vein in the neck. It was unclear to fill my head. But I felt like my skin is burning. U0026 's desire began to build in me. Causing my nipples to harden and become painful. My clitoris, followed by the same feeling. There Lolita Models was a flood of moisture flowing between my legs. The creature has it all. Even touched her nipples, pinching to see, what to do. I moaned in pleasure and Lolita Models pain. Then explore my crotch. First play with my clit painful. Almost brings me to a climax. Then they parted my lips. Pulling them far apart. The revelation of my mouth. With one hand he held it open. As he grabbed something from a table, I could not see what was caught. I felt as though I was only teased to the point of completion depends only let me. My whole body ached for release. began tor put a cold metal shaft into my wet pussy. The shaft should be two inches thick by 3. However, they had no problem on the shaft slowly, inch by inch. I felt like I had at least 10 inches. However, I could not stop the creature. Until the slide with him did not hurt me. The child is held in place when the shaft is inserted into the hole in my ass. This was not as thick as the first. But it still hurts. After both places were full. He held it in place with one hand. While squeezing u0026 tease my clit with your other hand. My climax building further away than ever. I started thinking that time would have cum. If it stops. Again, only in passing. I screamed in frustration. He took the two waves at me. U0026 put them back where they came. Then he gave me another chance in the neck. I felt a cold blast. This increases my sexual frustration. But the shot I took in a deep trance. Where I could see, hear and feel everything. However, do not move in some way. is replaced belt and started to float around 3 m above the ground. Teased u0026 took me out of the room. U0026 by a long white hallway. With doors on both sides. He stopped before a large door. I was attracted to him. The door opened, and pulled me in was hot and dark room. Once I was inside the tube removed from my arm, and closed the door quickly. To be continued... The door opened. He pushed me to do it and pulls the tube in my arm. The door closed behind me. Even if I'm still floating. I realized I could move again. Sitting looked around the dim hot room. Only to discover that my nightmare was real to me. In the room with me was a nasty creature appearance. It is shown smiling long, sharp teeth. That the hands u0026 claw feet. His body was a sickly looking gray tentacles growing out of his chest u0026 back. I could easily see a huge erection out of him in the crotch. There were at least 17 inches long and thick asas my forearm. I have not had a chance to see him again. Because I grabbed his left ankle with one hand. Draw me closer. He drew me to him at once. He took his foot. Still smelled old. When I left musk sent his long tongue out of his mouth. Even the tail grow longer and thicker. foot licked sending wonderful sensations through my body. When he began to work their way up my leg. I remembered that I was able to move and began to fight. But he just grabbed my other ankle. He ignored my fights. With one foot on each side of the head, licked all the meat at your fingertips. The tentacles of the back and reached around both ankles wrapped. Handsfree setting. My legs were pulled wide apart in front of his face. Tentacles of her breast grabbed my wrists and held them behind my back holding together yet. closer to me and licked up both legs at the same Lolita Models time. I knew I had a forked tongue. When she reached my crotch. Hs I licked the ass of my navel. On the other hand, again and again. I liked his long rough tongue. It felt like a cat. The tentacle pulled my legs open. Causing even my Lolita Models lips slightly parted. He liked the way they were, until they break just pulled my hips. I was exposed to give tongue to lick enough new places. Just the tip. He licked every fold and openness. He could be me. Find my clit hard and swollen. He seemed to know that if I ever play with him again. He was able to flow more juice out of me. He even made me groan u0026 pants. My orgasm before he began to build again. I half expected not stop until I drive. That scared me half. that exploded with wave after wave of pleasure. When he passed his hand claw my thigh, among others. His tongue went to retrieve the juices flowing. For every drop pushed his tongue in my opening spurts. Slowly licked every inch, as if I hit the G -spot. Causing me cum so hard that I almost put his tongue again. That only seemed to have even more. I could feel something like a cock rubbed my lower back. Another occurred. His hands began to play with my ass. Pinching, kneading u0026 part. The tip of one of its claws landed on my fucking ass. Pushing it aside whenever my exams. Caraway was still with her ​​tongue exploring every inch of depth. However, it seemed to keep rubbing my G at the same time. When pushed a little claw in my ass. I stress again. They seemed to have stopped. Then I felt one of his tentacles move my pussy full. It's just the tip covered with my cum u0026 saliva. Once it was well lubricated, joined his claws into my ass. The claw is moved to make room for exploratory tentacles. And moved its way into the hole of the bend. It felt good, until the intruder began to thicken and push deeper into me. His hands moved to try to spread my cheeks wider apart, that umost p. The intruder inch your way up there in the depths. Two tentacles replaced his hands holding my cheeks apart. had dropped, finally, its my pussy. U0026 licked every inch as he pulled his tongue. Only to replace it with another tentacle. He staggered into the deepest. It then thickens, until I thought that bothers me. There were also small sensor in the head. He stroked my G find anywhere. I came down the intruder and the pain in my ass. But it also felt good at the same time. I thought it was drugs. As one of his hands touched my neck at this time. The contact seemed trigger something in my neck. I felt a cold blast. Just as I had given him another chance. He arrived with the cold, the desire to quit. So much so I came Lolita Models hard and long with one hand on my clit tongue. This makes it even more to discover about me. U0026 How, I do not know, but I found my self-confidence, face down. During his body lying down. His face was still in my step. with hThe tongue is enjoying every drop of my milk. Even licked the tentacles moving around inside my pussy. Making his way in me by the tentacles. Apparent to force me to stretch even more open. So you could lick their way into my g-spot. Only the tongue is pulled out again. But knowing the tentacles, which was able to open. That itself is thick until I felt that bothers me. His hands felt, rubbing Lolita Models and squeezing their way into my belly. Stopping to look at my navel, if there was another opening with a tentacle was. But if it is to go to my breasts. My nipples were beginning to harden again alone. With one hand on each. Pulled, pushed, and twink them. Love them while playing with clay. U0026 That hung like two bags of heavy water, has not helped. His tongue followed his hands. Only slow, without losing an inch of skin. Leave another tentacle to use their little antennae on my clitoris. Create a wave after wave of erotic sensations flood my bOdy. Evens causing the pain in my ass hole to increase my pleasure. Once in my breasts, his tongue seems divided into two halves, to scan all huge melons. Each half moves as a whole. Doing the same on each side, at the same time. They took my nipples hard. It seemed as if two guys were sucking on me. Their claws cut outbreaks of the hard work with the language. At that time I was out of my feet, my breasts covered with tentacles pat advice. In his power everywhere. It felt like my toes sucked everything in hot little mouth. They found my face. Then he pushed into my mouth open. Followed by another and another. They explored everywhere, even under my tongue. The first worked in the back of my throat. The other two followed. I pushed deeper forces or suffocate or swallow. They were going to be hard or soft. So I was not in my head thrown back instead of bent. She continued, until I thought that all tentacles would in my belly. moved quickly retreated as each of the places, only to return to boost low. With each shot, which were longer and thicker. The ones I forced my mouth, tilt the head back, they were able to go deeper and stay hard and deep in my throat. I felt my own climax building. It takes me higher than I had before. Wave after wave I broke up with him. I flew running hard, I fainted. When I woke up again. I was empty, not even his tongue touched me. Head was still floating. I could see his feet. Looking for your body, I saw my erection was still very hard and large. But there was a giant penis seconds. Hidden among the first. The first was 19 inches long and 5 cm thick. The other was only 10 inches long and 3 inches thick. Both looked ready u0026 anxious, he said. I have to think even once, when he grabbed me by the ankles again. This time, his tongue licking me only GEt my juices flowing again. At the same time, a tentacle touched this point in my neck. Run again resulting in a new rush through me cold. He moved to the face. Face tracking, opened his mouth to calm down. Feel two big things pushing both my pussy u0026 ass hole. Very soon forced to turn his head and found its way into the throat. Thickened, about the size of the other three together. Completely drowned. So no sound came out when I'm not even stretched and forced to open wide enough for the head, feeling his cock inside my pussy permit. stayed there. U0026 's hands at the waist, pulled tight against his body. Tentacles wrapped me caress every inch of my skin. Then I felt a bit from the mouth of each of my nipples and clitoris. The suction, pinching, pulling, and twinking all three at the same time. I slowly began to relax and enjoy it. Forgetting his true goal. Until I slowly pushed my body against hers. He moved so slowly that I feel my insiderand wider spreads. I even felt my anus rip a little. As a second bulk went there. At last he thought he was as far as possible. When he stopped for a moment. But boy was I wrong. Even with the pain he had a steady stream of juices running out of my pussy. Up the ass. He was just waiting until it was enough to make it very slippery. So has brutally pushed me down u0026 even pushed him with a quick movement buried a little more. I tried to scream but when I opened my mouth. I found its tentacles more swelling. After a few moments. Push u0026 push again. Inching deeper into me. I felt it hit my cervix. I knew he could not go further. So I relaxed and tried to resize it. When I was a bit of pleasure over pain, and start enjoying the feel of this to the fullest. He pushed me more and father to him. He kept pushing me this time. He slipped while pushing fast hard u0026. Only a draw ag. ain Then came a new impulse. With each step opened to me. Until I felt his hairy balls check the pressure against my ass. He stood there and it was then when I got the same kind of small probes to explore deeply felt in me. Those who hit my pussy in my G-spot and began to encourage. I felt something brush where the neck. Plays u0026 gives me chills to me u0026 relax enjoy a hurry. With the game on my G-spot. U0026 The rapid twicking my nipples and clitoris. I came hard u0026 wild. When he felt his semen, he moved Dick. Keep only the heads inside. He shoved u0026 back in. He kept his pace to arrive slowly at first. Enter your push u0026 orgasm massage my body long and hard and fast began. That did not stop. Or start over. He built his speed. What a strange friction between the wall of my pussy u0026 ass. It hurt and erotic. He was always faster. Since the sensations of pain and pleasure stRonge. exploded when he found me deeper than before. The joy comes from both my clitoris and G-spot and acute pain in the nipples and neck. The pain from the neck to a cold tip popped into my body. He gave him self buried so deep that his sperm shot directly into the cervix. At the base of each tail was like a dog had a ball. In order to keep the sperm from the side of his friend, to ensure the highest trash. I felt a jet of hot cum. In my pussy ass in a sentence so powerful u0026 violent. It seemed to end forever. With each new jet of sperm. It poured into me. I came harder than the last time I was struggling not to faint. When he was very weak and Drew. I had 10 orgasms. I managed to stay awake this time, when he retired completely from me. I could not move. Just floating through the door. Half out. When you open the door. U0026 The first creature was. He grabbed my hair and took me back through the hall to a room that looked like, who had, woke up in the first. That pushed me u0026 closed the door and left me in total darkness. stayed in his small room, dark room for 24 hours. The first creature they saw. He brought his food right in the first 2 hours. So when the door opened, he became blind. The light was unbearable. Cover with two arms, eyes. If only to her curse if she felt two needles entering his waist. Each about 3 inches from your hips. With in minutes she was numb from the waist down. The numbness extended to just below her breasts. Hair u0026 grabbed again began to float. He moved back a long corridor. She feared what was to be placed at this time. Only once are more tied to the table. She watched as he rose from the table. She put her feet in the air. With the metal panel, I could see, almost everything he did. is a strange metal tube stuck in your vagina numb. She was surprised that even through the numbness I could feel the joy. Tyou tube divided into four separate pieces. U0026 began opening her pussy wide. She felt no pain, only an orgasm building. However, they could see how far it was opened. With how far his legs were forced apart. Knowing that, if not for the impressive, would be a big pain. At that moment he heard a burst of charge. U0026 seemed that her hips were expelled from the joints. That's when the spread is stopped. The creature jumped was a doctor, a tablet with tools stranger came to the table. He slid a long, hollow tube inside. She began to feel a strange feeling. That reminded her of her first times it felt as if it broke with a new hymen. He kept pressing on him when he felt like he was beyond his neck and buried it. She then realized that the pipe that looked like a small vacuum attached. He then began to suck hard to climax what u0026 quickly. It seemed to suck all the milk in your u0026 to save it. Its climax lasted a full 10 minutes. U0026 not stoped when the stop sucking slowly removed the small tube. U0026 When he left, he felt a whole new high buildings. However, it was once hung from the hose. He put the entire page. U0026 grabbed what looked like a needle, but flexible. He also inserted as deep as the tube. With the other hand pushed another needle, which was 7 inches long, in just below his navel. Was then opened, put his whole hand in her pussy. Until you hit the G -spot. He seemed to be injecting the liquid into it with the upper roller u0026 poking each other. That peaked once more itself surprising. When they arrived, they removed the upper roller. U0026 began injecting fluid with others. Culminating with such force that she fainted for a moment. When he awoke, he realized that the stranger was a doctor with little instead of vacuum tubes in three different clear. After he finished he had unfastened and led her down the hall again. The light wasblue. Stood in the doorway of silver. The door opened and he entered it. Then he took over a huge bed. You put into it. He then gave a shot. That led to sleep almost immediately. woke up to find that not only could move. But in a giant water bed. I knew I was not alone at home by the size of it. She, at home, was only one queen. This was larger than the former King of California who have used it. Once awake, began to look around. The room was great. The bed was in the middle. To his right a sunken pit with pillows was like in all colors. Besides it was a table and a Lolita Models wardrobe. What place bottles of all sizes and colors. To his left was a sunken tub or small pool in the size of it. In addition, several cabinets, which are softer towels and bottles in place. could not see a door. And he sat down slowly, testing their new freedom. Silk fall leaves exposing his bare chest. However, she does not care. Because it appeared to be alone. slowlythat makes the bed and stood up. Waited for the dream of freedom to an end. But she did it all the way into the cockpit and no one came to stop them. The water felt nice and warm. So they move to. The search of places around the edge. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of relaxation. She was so relaxed that he heard the door open behind the bed. Allow 3 to females. He went to the closet and looked through them. While the other two in the water with it. with one on each side of it. Each took his arm, before we knew they were there. Her eyes jumped. One of them had their right to light purple pink skin. U0026 Long hair, blue-green light. I only had three fingers on each hand, which was tapped. Hair was braided rope weavers, the arm in her hands as she massages. On the left a serpent from the waist down. Covered with small scales greenish-brown skin. Her head had more snakes than human. U0026 seemedhas broken with a cobra around his neck. Their eyes were cold sanding. It was almost hypnotic. Her four-fingered hands u0026 thumb. However, they were much longer, which serves large. Her sharp nails. However, care was taken, rubbing the arm he held. He had no hair. cat was the third woman. With the ears on the head. U0026 long hair orange. His body was covered with soft black hair. His hands were half man - u0026 through the cat's claws. She even had a cat's tail is long. When he found the bottle I wanted to go near the water. You could see that his eyes were bright green, and sand like a cat. In their hands two bottles u0026 bar seemed soap. When she along with others in the water. She pointed to her car and said, "Car " and then drew the snake woman u0026, said: " Hym ". Then, finally, said the woman of color says: "I". The three looked at each other waiting for her. Finally, he referred to his prisoners. What finally made ​​the shock that had remained cut off. She tried to tor away from them. But they were too strong. Then she said, signing his name " Kim". She nodded and smiled. Both maintain their water lifted. Exposing her breasts and belly. That kept her there. While these began to " car " to the upper body wash. not have tried to speak again. U0026 soon Kim's body is wrapped in the wash. Until it was absolutely clean from head to toe. After cars u0026 it will take me through the long table. She had not realized at the well of pillows. She had her belly lay down. Do not stay in power. It gave a feeling of relaxation. So, with me on the right u0026 car to your left. Hym ended in the table at his feet. Each cast, but a sweet oil, musk around the back, arms, legs, u0026. Then, with six hands began her massage. Solve sore muscles and tired. She almost went to sleep. His touch was relaxing, but also to awaken. The transmission of oil has only the strongest feeling. Finally finished the back. She was relieved. untilpicked it up and turned it. So he had to face. And then they started again. respectively in the same place. However, prevented her breasts and legs. This seemed to attract even more. Let your nipples hard and excel in quality. She was very wet and her clit seemed to be worse then their nipples. With each touch, it was always painful u0026 erotic at the same time. The woman did not seem to notice. As soon as he finished rubbing everywhere, but her nipples u0026 step. Hym unlocked something under the table. So there is ay with her legs spread open. Car u0026 they each took a doll and placed it on his head. Car Cord wrapped in them, but do not bind. The look that Kim has said that if they moved would be required. That would seem to solve their legs of the table to close it. Only opened more and more. They move with the table. Car opened a new bottle and poured it into his own hands, the other, then. Car u0026 I began massaging around each breast. WhiHym he moved between her legs. Rub the oil slowly in its work under the thighs and soaking wet pussy Kim u0026 core of the clitoris. As he approached Hym spread her legs even more, until Kim felt her pain. The two worked as other snails move his swollen pink nipples. Hym not leave you open your legs, even his lips were wide open to fully expose. Given that the cold air to annoy even more. She was wet now, her juices flowing and can only continue. The three seemed to her nipples and clitoris to achieve simultaneously. She found they were very talented fingers. Then suddenly moist lips and tongues fingers replaced. He sucked, licked and bite their three points until it reached its climax with such force that she saw spots before his eyes. You did come slowly, while blowing gently on sensitive points. Once she was breathing normally. She started playing again. This time, each had a palette of colors. U0026 4 different sizesBrushes. He tried to move his arms and legs. The attempt to cover. But some, as if his hands and legs still stuck on the table. His head was in bed with her hair covering her hands. They did. I notice the eyes with a black cloth, he could still nothing. I could hear her breathing. Then he felt incredibly 3 brushes. All around her neck. They were very cold, and slow movements. She bites her lip to keep from screaming. They painted every inch of his neck, before moving forward. Paint her arms. Checking u0026 even more exciting. They took their time. Spending almost 20 minutes on each arm. They painted their breasts do not touch them. Then complain to Kim moves down. He was also painted on the navel. The color looks colder than sitting. But it was not cold. His blood was to cook from her excitement. Giving hot then freezing waves Nearly two hours latter he painted every inch of it, has left her breasts and pussya. You can listen on Lolita Models the move, but not in a position to see who was driving his mother. Suddenly, while a brush touched her breasts outside u0026 inner thigh. Now they were painting in the points. The color seemed colder than before. He saw two caked on her breasts and swirled paint patterns. That between his legs had to get across her pussy too.. When they released anything else, as if someone had shaved there. Making painting a strange feeling that The brush place between her legs. While the other two took time out of her nipples. Once finished, they were arrested and walked away. Only connect to the other between her legs. Separating them even wider. But for some reason that even the pain or discomfort. He felt better the wider spread. Once there was room for three. It was thin fingers and lips pulled apart. It's a wonderful feeling. Then use a brush on each side. They painted the portion of each lip. Oncs just stayed inside. They exchanged places. The fingers held your license, but his lips remained Sun Then it was a three brushed her clit in one of the labia minora and the last frame was forgiven her ass. There was even open, so that the brush could paint achieved in the deep hole at the same time, the brush on her clitoris u0026 teased her swollen little nub until it was a little painful. It was then gently extend as far as he could go to shoot. All the time the rotating brush in the center open around her pussy causing her juices to flow causing the paint to harden the mixture. Then, just when you brush his way in the ass. Lolita Models The other made ​​its way into her pussy open. Paint each fold of the narrow hole. Both continue, until their hands were completely on the inside too. After three times its height he had gained from it. Because I knew I was in trouble. A hand grabbed her hair. She was to float again. U0026 Being moved to a new rooMeters, which still could not see the cloth was painted Lolita Models around the head. He was opening a door and slid into the room. =============================================== = == ===========================
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